Facilities & Services


Solving the challenges you are facing or whatever Enovation you need to create,

to cover more clients tastes we have the Know-how. Our technical supports combined by 3 parts: 

asterisk Our suppliers’ technical support asterisk

 The clients enjoying our partners technical and on time supports that are on regular bases.

asterisk Our lab facilities asterisk

Due to the nature of our products, we possess a Ministry of Health and ISIRI accredited Laboratory

to enable us to serve the best to our clients

asterisk Our technician trouble shooting support asterisk

Dedicated  an office- based, Ph.D. degree in food industries employee that is well trained,

can help our clients with short notice.



   With the goal to be one stop shop ,

we have provided the facilities of availability of our products

by importing and stocking and distributing the goods in our warehouse.


 asterisk Transportation asterisk

    IRANVEEJ distribution system contained 6 mini trucks

that owned by IRANVEEJ and have the ability

to distribute and cover all Iran cities and provinces.

asterisk Port Services asterisk

   Being based in the main port of Iran -Bandar Abbas Port- and

using our dedicated employments for clearance and handing over the cargo,

enable us not only in speeding up the clearance procedure

but also to expediting the distribution directly from the port if necessary.

asterisk Warehouse asterisk

   IRANVEEJ main warehouse is based in down town Tehran 6,000 sqm

including 3,000 sqm  roofed warehouse.

Our warehouse is managing by our own team concerning up-to-date require conditions.




   As one of the fixed member of below Association ,IRANVEEJ not only is aline with governmental rules and regulations, but also consider as a reliable and trust worthy with Transparent background .

1. Ministry of Commerce  www.iccima.ir

2. Food & Beverage Importers Association  www.foodimporters.ir

3. CCI France-Iran  www.cfici.org

4. Austrian Chamber Of Commerce  www.AustrianBussinessInIran.com

5.Deutsh-Iranische industrie-und Handelskammer  www.iran.ahk.de

6.Iran Netherlands Chamber of Commerce www.inbc.ir